Sunday, 16 December 2012

Help me find a job

So, you’re unemployed. Maybe you feel worthless without a job, maybe you feel depressed and stressed out about it, maybe you just don’t care.

People react differently to being unemployed but there’s one thing that is common to us all: we need money to live. Whatever your situation, we are here to help you find a job.
How to find a job, including where to find job listings, networking, using a headhunter, and more advice on where and how to find a job.
Ten Steps to Find a Job
Step-by-step guide on finding jobs, including how to get started, where to find jobs, and how to apply.
Fast Track Your Job Search
What can you do when you have to find a job fast? It's not easy, but there are steps you can take to expedite your job search. Spending some time to get your job search in order, keeping it organized, focused, and on the fast track will help you find a job faster than if you don't have a plan in place.
Online Job Search
Online job search resources, including job search sites, job search engines, networking sites, resume posting, and ways to make sure you are using all the online job search resources available.
Job Listings
Job listings, job banks, job sites, employment opportunities listed by location and career field, and other resources to help find a job.
Job Search Help
Want to find a job, but don't know where to start? Confused? Overwhelmed? Too much information? Here are some tips on how to get going.
Job Search Engines
Use a job search engine to search all the top job sites, company sites, and online newspapers. There are a variety of job search engine sites that will search all the job sites to capture new job postings.
Help Wanted Ads
Are you using the help wanted classified ads when you look for jobs? If not, you should be. Local and regional employers don't always post on the major jobs sites like Monster. Instead, they will advertise in their local newsletter to avoid being overwhelmed with applicants and, in many cases, because they are not interested in paying relocation costs.
Job Banks
Search online job banks by by keyword, location, career field includes job search engines where you can search many databases in one step.

Jobs by Career Field
A comprehensive list of job listings sorted by career field including arts, communications, business, education, not-for-profit, legal, science and technology and more.

Jobs by Location
Staying or home or relocating? Here's jobs where you want to be.

Job Fairs
Live and virtual Career Fairs.
Networking can sound intimidating and a little bit scary, but, it doesn't have to be and it really does work.

Using Headhunters, Search Firms and Employment Agencies
Who's who in the world of employment recruiting, when to use a headhunter, and how to select a recruiter who will work effectively for you.

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