Sunday, 16 December 2012

List of 97 Practising audit firms in Pakistan having Satisfactory QCR Rating in Pakistan

Following is the firm list of 97 Audit Firms in Pakistan that have been carrying out the Audit and Accounting Services for their clients in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing as adopted in Pakistan. This is just an opinion from my side, and absolutely does not in any way reduce the professional responsibility and reliability of these firms in expressing their audit opinion on the financial statements of audit clients.
If you are planning to become a trainee student or do internship, you should surely look into these firms and explore the opportunities. I will be explaining about the TOP performing Audit firms for ACCA Affiliate and Qualified Students in the next page and their relative websites. A complete list of Audit firms with their Address, Phone Number and Email Addresses is listed on the next page.

1.A. A. Baig & Co.
2.A. Aziz Chaudhury & Co.
3.A.F. Ferguson & Co.
4.A. M. Laliwala & Co.
5.A. R. Khan & Co.
6.Abbas & Co.
7.Abbas Karjatwala & Co.
8.Abdan & Co.
9.Ahmad Junaid & Co.
10.Ahmed Mushir & Co.
11.Akhter Mahmood Mian
12.Amin & Co.
13.Amin Mudassar & Co.
14.Amir Alam Khan & Co.
15.Anjum Asim Shahid Rahman
16.Arshad Raheem & Co.
17.Aslam Malik & Co.
18.Avais Hyder Liaquat Nauman
19.Azhar Zafar & Co.
20.Baker Tilly Mehmood Idrees Qamar
 21.BDO Ebrahim & Co.
22.Daudally Lalani & Co.
23.Ernst & Young Ford Rhodes SidatHyder
24.Faisal Iqbal Khawaja25.Faruq Ali & Co.
26.Fazal Mahmood & Co.
27.Feroze Sharif Tariq & Co.
28.F.R.A.N.T.S & Co.
29.Ghalib & Co
30.Hafizullah & Co.
31.Haider Shamsi & Co.
32.Hameed Chaudhri & Co.
33.Hameed Khan & Co.
34.Hameed Zahid & Co.
35.Haroon Zakaria & Co.
36.Hashmi & Co.
37.Hassan Farooq & Co.
38.HLB Ijaz Tabussum & Co.
39.Horwath Hussain Chaudhury & Co.
40.Hyder Bhimji & Co.
41.Ibrahim, Shaikh & Co.
42.Ilyas Saeed & Co.
43.Imran Saeed & Co.
44.Jalis Ahmad & Co.
45.Javaid Jalal Amjad & Co.
46.Javed & Co.
47.Junaidy Alam Iqbal
48.Kabani & Co.
49.Kamran & Co.
50.KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co.
51.M. Almas & Co.
52.M. Aslam & Co.
53.M. Ather & Co.
54.M. Sikandar & Co.
55.M. Yousuf Adil Saleem & Co.
56.Mahboob Sheikh & Co.
57.Mansoor Aslam Seraj Saleem
58.Manzoor Hussain Mir & Co.
59.Maqbool Haroon Shahid Safdar & Co.
60.Moochhala Gangat & Co.
61.Mudassar Ehtisham & Co.
62.Munaf Yusuf & Co.
63.Muniff Ziauddin Junaidy & Co.
64.Mushtaq & Co.
65. Nasir Javaid Maqsood Imran
66. Naveed Zafar Husain Jaffery & Co.
67.Qadeer & Co.
68.Qavi & Co.
69.Rafaqat Mansha Mohsin Dossani Masoom& Co.
70.Rahim Jan & Co.
71.Rahman Iqbal Umar Iftikhar & Co.
72.Rahman Sarfaraz Rahim Iqbal Rafiq
73.Riaz Ahmad & Co.
74.Riaz Ahmed Saqib Gohar & Co.
75.Rizwan & Co.
76.S. M. Masood & Co.
77.S. M. Rehan & Co.
78.S. M. Suhail & Co
79.Saeed Mohy-ud-din & Co.80.Salariya & Co
81.Sarwar Awan & Co.
83.Shakir & Co.
84.Sheikh & Chaudhri
85.Shekha & Mufti
86.Tabassum Saleem & Co.
87.Tahir Siddiqi & Co.
88.Tanwir Arif & Co.
89.Tanzeem & Co.
90.Tariq Abdul Ghani & Co.
91.Tariq Ayub Anwar & Co.
92.UHY Hassan Naeem & Co.
93.Viqar A. Khan & Co.
94.Yusaf Saeed & Co.
95.Zaheer Babar & Co.
96.Zahid Jamil & Co.
97.Zakaria Loya & Co.

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